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Date of experience : July 2017

We’re used to travel around Southeast Asia and know that many remote areas have limited facilities and English-speaking people. Thus, we never imagined we will have a world-class professional tour when we booked a private group tour with MALA Tours. But MALA Tours’ service was beyond our expectation. Their guides, Melissa and Mika, really blew me away with their professional ways to handle my group. With such a reasonable price, they brought us to traditional villages of Monbang and Takpala and shown us the uniqueness of the tribal’ culture, assisted us when snorkelled in the most beautiful spots in Pura and Ternate islands with their good-quality snorkelling gears, and even when we want to do some camping, they arrange nice tents with comfortable airbeds and pillows by the beach.

We also had the best meals during our trip, MALA Tours provided delicious fresh meals in coordination with the local communities and lavished us with extravagant dinners on their basecamp/cafe, DK Cafe. They cooked delicious Alorese, Indonesian, and Western fusion food and made us tried amazing cocktails made from local liquor, Sopi, from Pura island. Furthermore, we knew MALA Tours is the only social-responsible tour agency in Alor because we were told by the communities they got so many helps from MALA Tours to develop their villages, from the Ikat weavers in Hula, to the people of Monbang, Pura island and Takpala to the local fishermen and even the organic honey farmers – these girls are famous for their good deeds.

We only have praises when we talked about MALA Tours, nothing else. Everything was perfect and that made our stay in Alor became a memorable time for us.

We’ll definitely come back again and recommended MALA Tours to our friends.

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We met Mika by chance in Kalabahi’s apartment, although we hadn’t booked any tour or anything with Mala tour, Mika was very helpful to let us visit the museum, opened at her request :-), and to give us the required help for our transfer to Lembata. I highly recommend organizing a typical dinner of local food cooked only for special occasions, never eaten in the 3 weeks spent in the surrounding area, at the Cafe DK, in front of the Kalabahi hospital. Hi Mika!
I was in contact with Melissa, we opted for a one day trip. It turned out to be a full day trip to many snorkeling spots, with visit to island for lunch and sightseeing a home based industry of the local villagers. So at the end, we had experienced nature and culture, all in a package for a very friendly price. We only can recommend Mala to everyone who wants to visit this beautiful island and people.
We were so grateful to be linked to these 2 young ladies of Mala tours. All are arranged so well, we enjoyed all the attraction, the food and the hospitality. It is highly recommended for those first timer who want to enjoy Alor, its beaches, people and culture, all in one. The timing was also arranged nicely, we enjoyed every minute. We become friends and hope that we maintain in contact.

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