Alor’s Hospitality

What a great hospitality that we experienced during our 3 days tour with MALA.
Especially from Melly, our tour leader. From the day we contact her to book our tour until our last day in Alor Island, she never ceases to make us feel welcome & comfortable.

From what we heard, Alor has few world class diving spot. And judging from few snorkeling trips that we went, we gladly approved that Alor’s underwater world deserved to be better known than it is right now. But Dugong is our main reason to visit Alor. This endangered species that live in nearby water between Alor & Sika. And what an amazing experience to be able to see this 2-meter long wild fish in it’s own habitat.

Visit local organic tenun maker & witness the making of traditional palm wine Sopi. And ask Melly to bring you to Bukit Alor Kecil to enjoy sunset from a little above. And don’t forget to visit local seafood restaurant Resto MAMA, we dined there everyday!!

Alor has many to offer but Melly hospitality is one of the thing that make us want to go back one more time.


Feeling Secure in Alor

MALA Tours provided us a feeling of safety and security in a remote area of Indonesia. My husband and I just came home after an 8 day 7 night fun dive and culture appreciation trip. Melissa, whom we met at Deep Indonesia, provided us all the right info when we inquired about our holiday at the beginning, especially as we wanted to brng all our diving equipment. She arranged everything for us, and helped us when our flight from Kupang to Alor got cancelled. Although we missed one dive due to some boat technical problems, we experienced 11 awesome dives with Thomas on his large boat which we had all to ourselves throughout the trip. We also had great homecooked Alorese food, prepared by the amazing Mika! Melissa also arranged for us to meet the playful and friendly Dugong, Mawar – a one in a lifetime experience. Through Melissa, we met quite a few special individuals of the Alor community like Pak O Ne, Ibu Sariat and Pak Abner -and we felt so at home with them due to them opening their way of living, their culture and homes to us. It will not be a trip that we will soon forget, thanks to the friendly and caring Melissa of MALA Tours.


Great local insights with Mala

As a solo travellar that rarely uses guides, what a pleasure it was to spend 1.5 days with Rony, my Mala guide in Alor.
This company walks the talk and I have nothing but the highest praise for them.
It is meeting the locals at their best, which includes a DUGONG that did everything but get in the boat and shake hands !!!!
Just extraordinary.
The money and benifits DOES get back to the locals and they are some of the most genuine people you could meet.
Go to Alor and use Mala , and experience the real deal.