World Tours

We organise outbound tours for travellers who want to explore this big beautiful world. Our trips bring you closer to the ethnic groups and experiencing their daily life on the off-beaten-path destinations.

Mongolia family tent.jpg


Mongolia is known for it’s vast and wilderness with nomad tribes that live peacefully though the extreme landscapes. We bring you to the festival of Hunting with Golden Eagle, the Reindeer tribe and live in traditional Mongolian tent with the native.

Pakistan Hunza


Pakistan is a country shrouded in mystery, but it’s magical landscapes and warm smiles of the Pakistanis bring you to a new level of travel. We bring you to Hunza valley to interact with the tribes of Pakistan, explore grand mosque in Islamabad and unique landmarks in Lahore.



Trips to Middle East isn’t complete without tours to Israel, Egypt and Jordan. We bring you to 7 Wonders of the Ancient World sites, historical as well as religious sites of 3 Semitic religions.