Sailing Tours

We organise sailing tours and LOB diving trips to Indonesia famous destinations like Komodo islands, Raja Ampat and the Mollucas.

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We bring you to the iconic Komodo and Rinca islands where the Komodo dragons live for thousands of years. Then swimming with the gentle manta rays in Manta Point and explore Pink Beach and other scenic islands in Komodo National Park.

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The islands in Raja Ampat is famous for it’s rich underwater life and abundant corals and one of the best places in the world for diving. We bring you for 6D/5N dive trip or 9D/8N diving trips within the Raja Ampat archipelago.


Alor - Batu Tara - Flores

This diving and sailing trip combine amazing diving experiences and other shore activities like exploring the active volcano of Batu Tara, visiting the Whale hunters tribe of Lamalera and the amazing diving destinations from Alor to Flores.