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"Very well organised cultural and nature trip by very involved eco travel tour agent"



Date of experience : Novomber 2019

I’ve been doing some diving in Alor and wanted to also get a feel of the Alor culture before returning home. So I decided to have a one day cultural tour with Mala Tours. Visited the lovely museum which for a small place like Kalabahi is quite well organized and containing very good displays of the Nusa Tengara Timur history and culture. Next stop was the Kabola village while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Nicely setup of traditional houses and enjoyed the local coffee and other spices. Enjoyed a very nice lunch at Maimol beach and then it was time for the encounter with the Dugong. For a diver this is like the icing on a cake. What a fantastic animal! On the way to Takpala village I got another treat by spotting a whale in the bay. A perfect day just became more perfect. Takpala village was quite interesting and very enjoyable by chatting with the locals.

This one day cultural trip was perfectly organized and my tour guide Mika was very knowledgable on the local culture and sharing a lot of nice stories.

Mala tours is not just another tour agency, but they are really involved in developing local communities and eco friendly way of traveling. I do hope I can come back one day and would to like to see more of this lovely island and the other small islands around Alor… surely again with Mala tours ofcourse!

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As a solo travellar that rarely uses guides, what a pleasure it was to spend 1.5 days with Rony, my Mala guide in Alor. Go to Alor and use Mala , and experience the real deal.

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