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Date of experience : June 2017

MALA Tours made my visit to Alor became one of the most memorable thing from my trips in Indonesia. They organised a custom-made itinerary that brought me to the traditional villages of Takpala and Monbang and see the unique culture of communities who still live according to their ancestors’ way. We also visited beautiful beaches like Queen beach and Batu Putih, and observed an endangered species of Dugongs that live in a conservation zone in Sika island. It was an amazing experience to witness these peaceful mammals swim and live in harmony with the local fishermen that MALA Tours had trained and educated.

Not only MALA Tours staff are very professional in providing their service, they also help me with the extra baggages that I had because they recommended air-cargo service for me that cost me less compared to the extra baggage cost. To sum up, I think MALA Tours is the best option we had in Alor to explore this beautiful island.

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We met Mika by chance in Kalabahi’s apartment, although we hadn’t booked any tour or anything with Mala tour, Mika was very helpful to let us visit the museum, opened at her request :-), and to give us the required help for our transfer to Lembata. I highly recommend organizing a typical dinner of local food cooked only for special occasions, never eaten in the 3 weeks spent in the surrounding area, at the Cafe DK, in front of the Kalabahi hospital. Hi Mika!

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