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"Great local insights with Mala"



Date of experience : September 2018

As a solo travellar that rarely uses guides, what a pleasure it was to spend 1.5 days with Rony, my Mala guide in Alor.
This company walks the talk and I have nothing but the highest praise for them.
It is meeting the locals at their best, which includes a DUGONG that did everything but get in the boat and shake hands !!!!
Just extraordinary.
The money and benifits DOES get back to the locals and they are some of the most genuine people you could meet.
Go to Alor and use Mala , and experience the real deal.

Rating at :


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We’re used to travel around Southeast Asia and know that many remote areas have limited facilities and English-speaking people. Thus, we never imagined we will have a world-class professional tour when we booked a private group tour with MALA Tours. But MALA Tours’ service was beyond our expectation. Their guides, Melissa and Mika, really blew me away with their professional ways to handle my group. With such a reasonable price, they brought us to traditional villages of Monbang and Takpala and shown us the uniqueness of the tribal’ culture, assisted us when snorkelled in the most beautiful spots in Pura and Ternate islands with their good-quality snorkelling gears, and even when we want to do some camping, they arrange nice tents with comfortable airbeds and pillows by the beach.

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