West Papua

Dive Biak


Biak island is the place where the history of World War II (WW II) came to life. The waters of the island preserve the wrecks of bomberplanes, tanks, and sunken ship that tell stories of the past when fierce battles between the Allies force and the Japanese empire existed. The amazing beaches and caves of Biak island, now free of the remnants of the war, open for all visitors who want to enjoy the tranquility of nature and the harmony of life.



The best place on the earth to see and interact with whalesharks, the biggest fish on the planet, according to National Geographic documentary. We’ll bring you to many ‘bagan’ (floating fishing house) where the humans live peacefully and in harmony with the whalesharks, in local language called as Gurano Bintang (stars covered beast). You can swim with them and experience the magic of one of Earth’s most misterious marine animals.

raja ampat love lagoon


Nominated as one of the best diving destinations in Indonesia and the world. The rich biodiversity and amazing underwater life made Raja Ampat became must-visit destination in the world. The isle of Raja Ampat is not only for the adventure seekers, but also for the wildlife enthusiasts and prehistoric-site lovers because it has one of a few prehistoric cave paintings that still intact in the world.