Day 1

Arrived in Lewoleba, we will pick you up and go to Watuwawer village in Atadei sub-district.

Road Trip: Lewoleba – Atadei about 5-6 hours 

Arrived in the afternoon in Watuwawer, explore and rest in a homestay. 

Day 2

Wake up early and enjoy sunrise from Dapur Alam in Watuwawer. Dapur Alam is a geothermal site where the soil is hot so the locals usually cook their food by burying the food on the soil. Explore the traditional house of Watuwawer village. Then heading to Lamalera by passing through Lusilame village.

Trekking about 1 hour to reach Lamalera.

Arrived in Lamalera then have lunch and explore Lamalera (the whale hunters village). Stay overnight at a Homestay in Lamalera

Day 3

Wake up and enjoy sunrise in Lamalera. Have breakfast in the Homestay. Heading to Lodovavo waterfall in Atawuwur village. After trekking & swimming at the waterfall, we will go to Boto village where the communities grow coffee and we can enjoy local coffee. Then we will stay overnight at a homestay in Lamawolo.