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For those who want to explore Indonesia within a few weeks, our custom tours will bring you to the best of Indonesia at reasonable prices.

Day 1

Arrived in Jakarta or Bali airport. Pick up by our guide and airport transfer to hotel or to another domestic flight. Rest overnight in Jakarta.

Day 2

Start your first day with Jakarta City Tours. We will bring you to Jakarta’s Old City area to visit colonial buildings during the Dutch occupation in Indonesia from the early 16th century.


  • Old Batavia (Jakarta Old City): Jakarta History Museum, Old Town square, Ceramic Museum, Puppet Museum

  • Pecinan (Chinatown)

  • Jakarta landmarks (National Monument, National museum, and Selamat Datang square)

  • Culinary tours - try amazing arrays of Indonesian traditional food from the legendary restaurants. We provide food according to dietary preferences: Halal food, Hindu food, Vegetarian, Vegan food, etc.

Return to your hotel/hostel or take the train to Bandung city.


Arrived in Bandung. We will explore the nature and places of interests:

  • Tangkuban Perahu - an active volcano where the legends of the Sundanese people exist

  • Kawah Putih Ciwidey -

  • Saung Angklung Mang Udjo - where we can learn how to play traditional bamboo musical instrument called Angklung

  • Colonial buildings in Dago area - Bandung, once a big city during the colonial era, keep it’s charms and preserve the heritage of colonial-style building and art-deco buildings.

Rest overnight in Bandung hotel/hostel, or take the overnight train to Semarang city


Arrived in Semarang. Visit these points of interests:

  • Lawang Sewu (once the headquarter of Dutch train company)

  • Marabunta building (the former theater building where the famous Dutch spy from the 18th century named Matahari once performed)

  • Visit the 18th century Blenduk church - a historical church built by the Dutch colonial government

  • Lunch break at the legendary Toko Oen that had run for more than 100 years,

  • Sam Poo Kong temple - a legendary Buddhist and Taoism temple

Rest overnight in Semarang.


Drive from Semarang to Yogyakarta. Enroute, we will visit:

  • Borobudur temple - the biggest Buddhist temple in the world built in the 7th Century.

  • Mendut Temple - a Buddhist temple where the eternal sacred fire are kept

  • Walking tour around Kota Gede area to see Javanese Kings cemetery complex and hundreds years old mosques, silversmith industry and the traditional houses of Javanese.

  • Visit Malioboro area for shopping and culinary experiences.

Rest overnight in Yogyakarta.


After breakfast, we will visit:

  • Keraton Yogyakarta (the current residence of Javanese Sultan’s and the Museum)

  • Taman Sari Water Palace (once the bathing place for the Sultan’s wives built in the 18th century)

  • Taman Sari Underground Mosque - an unique underground mosque that can be accessed by underwater passage.

  • Prambanan Temple - one of the oldest and prominent Hindu temple built for the God Shiva.

  • See the Ramayana ballet in the open theater - Ramayana story depict Hindu’s God Rama and his wife Shinta, adapted to Javanese culture.

Return to Yogyakarta and rest overnight in Yogyakarta.


After breakfast, we will go to the airport to fly to Bali. Take the morning flight to Bali.

Arrived in Bali, where our guide will pick you up in the airport and heading to your preferred hotel.

  • Visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana park where the gigantic statue of Vishnu (one of three Hindu’s main Gods) stands proud. There are many dances and cultural performances shown every hour in the park main stage.

  • Lunch with traditional Balinese food.