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Explore Indonesia with MALA Tours


We are an inbound and outbound ecotours operator that based in eastern parts of Indonesia. Besides organising conservation tours like Dugong watching tours, turtles and mangrove tours, we also have traditional village visits, coffee tours, island hopping & snorkelling and diving trips, spearfishing tours & freediving tours; we also an outbound tour operator that organise unique trips such as religious tours, diving, photography and expeditions to various countries in the world.

We are certified Signing Blue tour operator that made us do our business based on responsible & sustainable business ethics. In 2017, we got an award from an UN Agency - International Trade Centre - that made us chosen as one of six most influential tourism business owned by women in Indonesia.

We work with many indigenous tribes, local women groups and disadvantaged communities in Indonesia. Part of the benefit that we made from the tours goes directly to support various social projects in Indonesia such as traditional women weavers group, organic coffee farmers, organic honey-farmers, seaweed farmers, local handicrafts artisan. We also have a special project for women & children who escaped domestic violence to support them during their stay in safe houses.

MALA Tours was established in 15 September 2015 by 3 women that previously worked in humanitarian world for many years. They are Melissa Augustina, Mika Maharani Gynecologia and Meiseani Hortensia.


Our Team


Director/ melissa augustina

She’s the founder of our company and her passion in travel and extensive experiences in NGOs and UN Agencies made she include social added values in our tours so we became a social enterprise. She loves diving, snorkelling and travelling to off-beaten-path destinations.

Mika Alor.jpg

ViCE Director / Mika Maharani

She’s one of the co-founders of our company. Her excellent communication and managerial skills made her MALA Tours’ representatives in many social projects we do. She loves to do yoga and listening to music.


Accountant /vindy otrivani

She’s a really skilled accountant of our company and our representative office’s head in Jakarta. She arranges the transfer in and out and handling visa process for our clients. In her free time she loves to work out and travel.

Marketing Department


Yuki Wiharja

Our Marketing Manager & sailing specialist previously work in private sector. Yuki also arrange the sailing trips to our destinations in East Nusa Tenggara and Papua.

Although our head base is in Alor island, we do have representative office in Jakarta and we have teams in other islands in Indonesia too.


Megalithic Sulawesi 01.jpg


She had been working as a an English-speaking guide for more than 10 years before she join MALA Tours. She’ll really skilled in arranging trekking trips and bring you to remote jungle in Sulawesi such as Lore Lindu national park and Tana Toraja.





Our energetic and adventurous guide in Sumba island, Vecky, is known for his love for animals. He’s a reliable source with extensive knowledge about the iconic Sumba island.





She’s our Timor island tour guide who love to trek and experience the wildlife. She’s also very well-known among the tribes’ chiefs in Timor island





Tony is a senior guide who also own a bungalow in Lembata island. His extensive knowledge about the history of the last traditional whale hunter tribe in Asia




Rifai Awim

He’s our excellent guide that previously work as Safety & Rescue Trainer for mining companies. His insights on how to conduct proper insights, making him our valuable staff to assess the safety of every destinations before we offer new tours. He’s a well-known person in Mollucas islands.