Price IDR 4,000,000 (295 USD) /person
Minimum participant: 10 persons/group
Bonus: Apron made from Ikat cloth and traditional Alor recipes cook book

Day 1

  • We will pick you up in Mali Airport - Alor then heading to Takpala village, we will be entertained with Takpala’s traditional performances and served with  welcome drink - Takpala original coffee.
  • We will start the cooking demonstration by cooking jagung titi and jagung bunga - both are Alornese local snacks. We can also see the rice pounding ceremony performed by Takpala’s women.
  • Then we will have lunch in Takpala and continue the cooking demonstration by cooking new menus, sayur ubi jantung pisang (cassava leaves with banana flowers), jagung ketemak dan jagung bose (corn cooked with coconut  milk, beans and vegetables)
  • We will stay in the Abui tribe traditional houses in Takpala village. Since the Takpala people are still living with their traditional beliefs and principles, there is no electricity in their village, so if you want to charge your phones and cameras, you can give it to our staff to be charged at the neighbouring villages. You can get them back in two hours or the following morning.

Day 2

  • Early morning the participants will be assisted to go to the beach to buy fishes directly from the fishermen whom just come back from their fish catching routines. Afterwards, we will come back to the village and have a cooking demonstration by cooking the fishes we bought into Ikan Kuah Asam, a traditional menu from Alor made from fishes, sour star fruit, and herbs. We will enjoy Ikan Kuah Asam for our breakfast.
  • By car we then will heading to Kampong Monbang to see the traditional coffee processing. Then you are welcome to enjoy the fresh roasted, fresh grilled and fresh made coffee with local snacks. In Monbang they grow their own local coffee in their fields and around their houses.   
  • Afterwards, we are learning how to cook Kabola tribe tradisional dishes such as snails, cassava leaves with papaya flowers, and how to cook preserved dry cassava.
  • Then we return to Kalabahi, have dinner in Pantai Reklamasi then return to the hotel to rest.

Day 3

  • After breakfast in the hotel, MALA Tours will pick you and we will go to Alor Kecil harbor to sail to Pura island by motorboat.
  • We will be entertained by the traditional rituals of Pura island then we will heading to the workshop where Sopi are made. Sopi is a local alcoholic drink with 40% alcohol content that often consumed during important events such as weddings, construction of houses, and other celebrations.
  • We then will have cooking demonstration by making Kaleso (local Alor dishes that similar like rice cake and cooked with coconut milk and spices).
  • Then we will learn to make Sambal Ikan Tali which is a chilli paste made from small fishes and chillies that is one of Pura island most favourite dishes.
  • After lunch, we can see the local fishermen catching lobsters near the harbor and then cook the lobsters with Pura’s style.
  • In the afternoon, we will heading back to Alor Kecil harbor then heading to Kampong Hula where we can see the making of Ikat clothes that are hand-woven with organic cotton and natural colourings. You are welcomed to buy Ikat clothes directly from these women weavers.
  • Afterwards, we will return to Kalabahi, have dinner in Mama Restaurant and return to the hotel to rest.

Day 4

  • We will pick you up in the hotel, then heading to Rumah Jabatan Bupati Alor (Alor’s Regent House) to have a cooking demonstration with women from Alor Family Welfare Women Organization.
  • The first cooking demonstration is to make kue rambut and kue perut ayam (funnel cake)
  • Continued by making pumpkin ice cream and making the kerupuk belo-belo (crackers made from Belo-belo fish). Continued by making recipes from dry deer meat with Alor style. These deers were hunted responsibly in Alor, and they are not from certain protected species.
  • Afterwards, there will be a special feast held by the Alor Regent’s Wife for the participants and here the participants will be presented with special gifts. Then we will return to the hotel for rest.

Day 5

  • After breakfast at the hotel, we will check out and heading to the airport. We will stop in Maimol beach (approximately 7 minutes from the airport) to enjoy local snacks and fresh coconut water.
  • We will deliver you to the airport for your return flights.

Package included:

  •     Breakfast, lunch, dinner for 3 days and breakfast & lunch for the last day
  •     Accommodation for 4 nights
  •     All kinds of transportation during the tour (cars, boat, etc)
  •     Entrance fee to places of interests and Cultural Kampongs
  •     Airport transfer to and from Alor

Package not included:

  • Return tickets from Jakarta/Bali/Surabaya - Alor
  • Airport tax
  • Porter (if you use porter services)
  • Personal expenditure such as insurance, food outside the ones MALA Tours provided, personal medicines, etc.

Welcome to Alor!

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